If you have additional questions or concerns, please email Library staff are here to help you!

What is Summit?  

Summit is the combined library catalog of 37 academic college and university libraries in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Summit provides access to millions of books, DVDs, videotapes, sound recordings, government documents and more.

Which institutions belong to Summit?  

There are 37 institutions that share resources through Summit. You can find a list on the Orbis Cascade Alliance's website.

Who can use Summit?  

Clark College students and employees may request items and borrow circulating materials from other Summit institutions. These users may also visit other Summit institutions and borrow directly from them as long as they can present their Clark College ID and sign in to their library account. 

Normally, visitors from other Summit institutions may borrow circulating materials at Clark College Libraries by registering their home institution's ID card and signing in to their home library account. This service is not available during COVID-19 operations.

How do I use Summit?

Clark students and employees are able to request items and pick them up in person from any Summit library. The library catalog makes it easy to request materials from other Summit institutions and have them delivered to Clark College, where we can arrange for you to pick them up or mail them out to you. 

You can also visit other libraries that participate in Summit and borrow items directly from them. To do this you must first go to the library in-person and sign up as an "adopted patron." Each institution has its own rules and restrictions during COVID-19 operations, so it is best to call ahead and confirm the process before arriving at another Summit campus.

When should I use Summit?  

When the item you need is not available at Clark College but is available at another Summit institution. You can tell that a Summit request is available when you see the "Request from Summit libraries" link in the library catalog.

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How to Request Summit Items 

  1. Search for Summit items by keyword, title or author under the “Clark+ Summit+ articles” scope in the catalog 

    Screenshot of the catalog search on the Clark College Libraries website with a red arrow pointing to the "Clark + Summit + articles" search scope.
  2. Click on the title of the desired item and under the heading "Get It in the library", click "Sign in" 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the "Sign in" link in an item record.
  3. Clark students and employees should choose the "Clark Sign In" option in the popup. 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the "Clark Sign In" button on the Library Account Login popup window.
  4.  Input your Clark username and password. 

    Screenshot of the "Library Account Login" popup window with username and password fields.
  5. Click "Request from Summit Libraries" and select your desired pickup location 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the "Request Summit item" link.
  6. Select your desired pickup location from the dropdown menu

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the pickup location dropdown menu.
  7. Click the green "Request” button to submit your request 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the green "Request" button.

If the library catalog is unavailable or if you need help, please email with the item information. 

How long does it take to get an item from Summit?  

Most Summit items arrive at the Cannell Library within 3-5 business days. The library will quarantine the items for at least an additional 4 days to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Requesters will receive an email to arrange the delivery of their items.  

How will I be notified when the item has arrived? 

Clark students and employees will be notified through their Clark email account when their items arrive. 

How long will the item stay on hold? 

Items not picked up by the specified date in the notification will be returned to the lending library. Most items are held for 3-7 days.

How do I check the status of my requests? 

To check the status of your requests, click on the My Account tab located at the top of the Clark College Libraries on the menu bar. 

Screenshot of the Clark College Libraries website with an arrow pointing to the "My Account" tab.