Audiovisual Resources

Clark College Libraries has over 1,500 videos (VHS tapes or DVDs) that may be watched in the building, at home, or used in the classroom.

All videos are listed in the Discover Library Catalog. Some are available for streaming. Learn about streaming options and also how to find videos.

Video Viewing in Class

Instructors can book a video well in advance to show in class. Bookings can be made in person, over the phone, or via the online form. For additional assistance with the online form, see the Video Booking Instructions page. Book early!

Securing streaming rights for viewing videos in a Canvas shell can be a collaborative process between the instructor's department/program, library, and e-Learning. Not all vendors will sell streaming rights. Please start early.

Video Viewing in the Library

At Cannell, there are DVD/VHS viewing station with headphones on the second floor. Remote controls can be checked out to view subtitles. Both Cannell Library and the Information Commons at CTC have media carts that can be checked out and wheeled into a study room for group academic viewing. Course-related DVDs can also be viewed on any of the library's computer workstations, with the check out of a DVD player, or laptops.

Video Viewing for Clubs and Events

The library has secured Public Performance Rights for many videos. Public Performance Rights allow videos to be shown to the public, outside of instruction, such as for club fundraising activities and campus events. Please contact the Check Out Desk to find out if your desired video has Public Performance Rights and to learn about your options.