Course Reserves - Instructors

The course reserves collection consists of items considered essential or required for a course, items that are used by various departments or programs, and items in high demand. Course reserve items should be owned by the instructor, department, or Clark College Libraries. Clark College Libraries reserves the right to refuse any item.

Please see the Course Reserves Policy.

Additional Information

Due to time constraints, hourly library-use-only items are due 15 minutes prior to closing and will not be checked out during this period.

Items may be refused due to their condition, restrictions, value, size, space in the collection, copyright, or other considerations. The following are items that Clark College Libraries are unable to place in the collection or are subject to special limitations:

  • Workbooks, standardized tests, published answer sheets, worksheets, or copies of the aforementioned items are considered "consumable" items and copying from them is expressly forbidden according to Circular 21 Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians by the United States Copyright Office, so they are not accepted as course reserves.
  • Rather than being placed on course reserve, photocopied materials, media copied from a published source, or internet materials should be linked within a learning management system.
  • Items already designated as library use only will remain in their respective collections, except in limited circumstances.
  • Student-produced material is only accepted with the student’s written permission. Student names will be removed from any works before they are added.
  • Programs taped off the air without publisher permission will be removed after the first 10 days following the airdate.

The library encourages instructors to use the functionality in the Clark College learning management system to manage their electronic items. Copyright law still applies. See the Clark College Copyright Policy (Clark College Administrative Procedures Manual, section 675.000).

Examples of notifications that an instructor is expected to respond to promptly include repair, end-of-quarter, and end-of-academic-year. Change happens! Updated request forms are requested at the start of every academic year to confirm copyright, loan terms, course names, instructor(s), etc.

Library staff may make phone calls, send notices, and ultimately place a college library block on the delinquent borrower's record to assist an instructor with recovering overdue personal items. With permission of the owner, library staff can accept a replacement course reserve and/or remove the block. A replacement becomes the instructor’s copy.

Course reserve processing adds stickers, some of which may be difficult to remove or may interfere with an item’s aesthetic value. Security stripping is an optional, free service. We recommend it, especially for 3-hour items, to prevent borrowers from accidentally removing the item from the library.

The instructor must supply a binder/folder for loose items and appropriate cases for media.


  1. Please submit this course reserve form. Please contact us by email to or in person at the main campus Cannell Library if you have problems with the form.
  2. Non-library owned items may be sent via campus mail (Course Reserves - Cannell Library - LIB 112) or delivered in person at the main campus Cannell Library.

An item is usually processed in 5 business days; however, during busy parts of the quarter or exceptional circumstances, processing may be delayed. Instructors are strongly encouraged to place their items on course reserve prior to the first week of the quarter to ensure students have timely access to the items. After processing, the item is available for check out but will usually take an additional 24 hours to appear in the online catalog.