My Clark Accounts

  • To complete your academic assignments, you will be using different online resources and applications at Clark College, which are directly or indirectly related to your library research. The following table lists account access information and login help for each resource/application.
  • Pay close attention to the differences in the login credentials for each resource/application.  
  • Note that some applications/resources have the same login credentials, but require login from different hyperlinks (for example, Library Catalog and Library Databases)

Account Name


Login Help for STUDENTS

Login Help for Faculty/Staff

Sign into your Clark College Libraries Catalog account to:

  • renew or request library materials, 
  • reserve a laptop or a group study room,
  • request Summit loans and interlibrary loans,
  • track your research sources with

Use your STUDENT Clark Lab (Clark Resources) Account* username and password  

  • Example #1 of a student username: o.penguin
    (First initial + period + last name
    of Oswald Penguin)
  •  Example #2 of a student username: o.penguin2
    (first initial + period +
    last name + number 2

    = username of student Olivia Penguin, who enrolled at Clark College after Oswald Penguin) 
  •   Library Catalog Login Help

Use your EMPLOYEE Clark Resources Account* username and password 

  • Employee username
    example:  aprofessor
    (first initial + last name
    of Angela Professor)
  • NOTE: employee login credentials are different from those used by students!
  • Library Catalog Login Help

Access the following off campus via Clark College Libraries login links 

  • articles,
  • ebooks,
  • streaming videos,
  • art images
  • other online resources purchased by Clark College
  • Example of a login page for a database with ebooks
    ITPro Books 24x7 Database

Use your STUDENT Clark Lab (Clark Resources) Account* username and password 

Use your EMPLOYEE Clark Resources Account* username and password 

Use Canvas Learning Management System to:

  • view your online/hybrid/
    web-enhanced course content online,
  • submit assignments,
  • participate in class discussion forums 


Canvas username: Student ID=ctcLINK ID

Canvas password: your ctcLINK password

  • Use your Clark employee email as your Canvas username
  • NOTE: faculty/staff log into Canvas LMS with different credentials than students
  • Faculty & Staff Clark College Canvas Log-in Help
  • you can also access Canvas LMS  via your MyClark@ctcLINK account 

Get tutoring help online from Western eTutoring Consortium (Clark College is a member) 

  • N/A
  • find out your username and set/change the password for your Clark Lab Account/Clark Resources Account* 
  • find out your Clark student email address and set/change your email password 
  • NOTE: Clark Lab Account username and password is used to log into:  Clark computers, WiFi (Wireless Network), library account and library databases
  • N/A


  • Students: access registration, schedule, advising, Canvas, etc.
  • Employees: faculty tools, Canvas, supervisory tools, work time reporting, travel requests, etc.


  • access online version of Microsoft Office 365
  • free download of Office 2016
  • set up password reset for Office 365 account and for Clark Resources Account (also known as network password reset)
  • username = Clark student email 
  • Office 365 student username example:
  • password: same as your Clark Lab  Account password
  • Contact TechHub Help Desk
  • username = Clark employee email 
  • Office 365 employee username example:
  • password=Clark Resources Account for employees password
  • Contact TechHub Help Desk
  • use this email to request interlibrary loans, receive notification notices from Clark Libraries, and other Library-related activities
  • use this email to log into your Office 365 account
  • access your Clark student Google Drive account

   To view/activate your student email account and change your email account password, log into your MyClark@CLARK account first.

  • N/A
  • use for student computers at Clark College (computer labs, library and classrooms)

Use your Clark Lab Account/Clark Resources Account* username and password 

Use your EMPLOYEE Clark Resources Account* username and password  

Contact TechHub Help Desk OR IT Services at  360-992-2425

  • connect to Clark student wireless network to access Internet on campus

Use your STUDENT Clark Lab Account/  Clark Resources Account* username and password 


  • Additionally, a network KEY is required on mobile devices such as smart phones (Contact TechHub to get Wireless KEY information)
  • Contact TechHub Help Desk

Use your EMPLOYEE Clark Resources Account* username and password

  • Additionally, KEY required on mobile devices such as smart phones (Contact TechHub to get Wireless KEY information)
  • Contact TechHub Help Desk

*Clark Lab Account/Clark Resources Account = a network account that contains login credentials for online and computing resources at Clark College (e.g. username and password for computer login, student wireless login, library databases login, etc.)

**MyClark@CLARK = Clark Resources Set-up Tool for STUDENTS

  • Tool for finding out your username and for creating/changing your password in your Clark Lab Account/Clark Resources Account
  • Tool for finding out your Clark Student Email address and creating/changing your password for Clark Student Email 

Statement of Responsibility 

Clark College Libraries are responsible for facilitating access to library databases and Clark College Libraries Catalog only. Network (Clark Lab Account/Clark Resources Account) login credentials and access to other accounts/resources are maintained by other departments at Clark College or by external organizations (e.g. Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges).