Local Holds

If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email ccl@clark.edu. Library staff are here to help you!

What is a local hold request? 

Clark College students and employees may place a request through the catalog for the library to hold items for them so that no other patrons may check them out. To learn more about searching, please view this guide to using the library catalog.

During COVID-19 operations, placing a local hold request is the only way to check out items owned by Clark College Libraries.

Who can place a local hold request? 

Clark College students and employees may place local hold requests.  

During COVID-19 operations, local hold requests are not available to community borrowers or borrowers visiting from other Summit institutions. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

How to request from Clark College 

  1. Search the library catalog by keyword, title or author.
    Screenshot of the library catalog search bar on the Clark College Libraries website.
  2. Click on the title of the desired item and under the heading "Get It in the library", click "Sign in" 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the "Sign in" link.
  3. Clark students and employees should choose the "Clark Sign In" option in the popup. 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the "Clark Sign In" button on the Library Account Login popup window.
  4. Input your Clark username and password

    Screenshot of the "Library Account Login" popup window with username and password fields.
  5. Click "Request at Clark." 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the "Request at Clark" link.
  6. Fill out the information in the form and click the green “Request at Clark” button. 

    Screenshot of a red arrow pointing to the green "Request at Clark" button.

If the Library Catalog is unavailable or if you need help, please email ccl@clark.edu with the item information for assistance. 

How will I be notified when the requests are ready? 

Clark students and employees will be notified through their Clark email account when their items arrive. Community borrowers who do not have email will be contacted by telephone or postal mail. 

How long will the requests stay on hold? 

During COVID-19 operations, Clark students and employees will have 3-7 days to make arrangements to receive the item. The notification email will have more information. 

How do I check the status of my requests? 

To check the status of your requests, click on the My Account tab located at the top of the Clark College Libraries on the menu bar. 

Screenshot of the Clark College Libraries website with an arrow pointing to the "My Account" tab.