Shared Integrated Library System

Project Title
Shared Integrated Library System (SILS)
College Core Theme
Academic Excellence, Social Equity, Economic Vitality, Environmental Sustainability
In Process


Unit Goal

#1 - Learners receive instruction, resources and services that promote the achievement of their academic, personal or professional goals

#2 - Meet the current and future needs of the college community via demonstrating leadership and innovation in the use of technologies

See the complete Clark College Libraries Operational Plan.

Starting in June 2013 Clark College Libraries is moving with our Orbis Cascade Alliance partner libraries from 37 stand-alone library systems to one shared system to improve the research experience for our students and faculty and to better manage our resources.

Clark College is a member of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a consortium of 37 academic libraries across Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The Alliance is the engine behind Summit but it is not the only initiative on which the 37 libraries collaborate. As a group, we are working toward unlocking opportunities that will help us to build our collections as a single collection, share services and resources, and exploit new technologies. This move from 37 to 1 will help us achieve those goals. Better managing our resources and creating efficiencies in processes will enable staff to focus on value added activities that will benefit our users and our institutions.


A cross-departmental group met quarterly to develop a plan of action and discuss implementation strategies for the shared integrated library system (SILS) the Clark Libraries will migrate to beginning January 2014.

Technical Services staff attended an Orbis Cascade Alliance summit regarding best practices to use during the migration and going forward. Several staff members attended functional workshops and training sessions in order to gain greater understanding about the changes to the system.