Large Group Study Rooms (#204 & #212)

Students may reserve a group study room for mutual assignments or projects. No clubs, social gatherings, music practice, or individual study.

  • Only a currently enrolled Clark College student can reserve a room. Reservations may be made online or in person. The student making the online request must be present with at least 2 other members at the Check Out Desk at time reserved. Library staff may override any booking.

  • There must always be at least 3 Clark College group members present to use a room. Whenever there are fewer members, those remaining must vacate the room and return key. Groups may meet up to 3 hours daily. 

  • Any person can be a member of multiple groups but the other members and purpose must be substantially different.

  • Groups must vacate and lock the room immediately when their reservation ends. Rooms must be vacated 15 minutes before the library closes.

  • The person returning the key must wait for staff to confirm that late fines have not been assessed. Fees will be charged to the individual who checked out the key. Penalties for damages or policy violations will be assessed to the individual who checked out the key. However, other members of the group may also lose booking privileges and/or be referred for disciplinary action.

  • The current and following week can be booked when classes are in session.

  • Reservations will only be held for 10 minutes past the scheduled time before the room will be available to others.

Check out this link,, to watch a short instructional video.

reserve a study room online button


  • Late key: $5 to a max of $25
  • Missing/damaged key/ring: $50
  • Damage to room or furnishings: determined by total of materials, parts and labor costs.

Questions or comments regarding study rooms can be discussed with the Access Services Manager by calling (360) 992-2152.