Keyword Guide for Browsing a Book Collection

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There are times when browsing the books on the shelf is more useful that looking up books in the library catalog. To browse, you need to know classification letters for the topic you're interested in.

You can look up your topic in the Library of Congress Classification System (the "big red books"), but you can also use this quick list to find the letters for common subjects. The letters following each of the following keywords stands for the first two or three letters of the call number.

 A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Abortion RG

Academic freedom LC

Academics and learned societies (general) AS

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome QR

Adolescent Suicide HV

Adoption HV

Aeronautics TL

Aesthetics BH
Affirmative action HF

Affordable housing HD
Africa, history DT

Africa, political science JQ

African-Americans, history E 184.5-185.98

Aging QH
Agriculture, general S

AIDS, disease QR

AIDS, drugs RJ

Air forces UG
Air Pollution TD

Air warfare UG

Alcohol abuse HV

Almanacs, general AY
Alternative energy TJ

Alternative fuels TP
Alternative medicine R

America, ethnicities E 184-185.98
America, late nineteenth century E 660-738

America, twentieth century E 740-

American history, general E 11-29

Anarchism HX

Animal behavior QL

Animal culture SF
Animal rights HV

Anthropology GN
Antibiotics RM
Anxiety, psychological aspects BF
Anxiety, phsysiological aspects RC

Aquaculture SH

Archaeology (general) CC

Architecture NA

Archives CD

Armies: organization, description, facilities, etc. UA

Arms control JZ
Arts and crafts TT

Arts in general NX
Asia, history DS
Asia, political science JQ
Assisted suicide R

Astronautics TL

Astronomy QB
Atlases G

Australia, political science JQ

Autism RC

Avian Flu SF

Bahaism (religion) BP

Balkan Peninsula, history DR

Bias JC
Bible BS

Bibliography Z 1001-8999
Bilingual education LC 

Bioethics QH
Biography CT

Biofuels TP
Biology (general) QH

Biotech foods TP
Bird Flu SF
Birds QL
Birth Control HQ
Body Image BF

Book industries and trade Z116-659

Bookmaking Z 4-8

Books, history Z 4-8

Botanical medicine RV

Botany QK

British America F 1001-1140

British America, political science JL

Buddhism BQ

Building construction TH

Campaign Finance Reform JK

Canada F 1001-1140

Cancer RC
Careers HF
Cartography GA
Cavalry, armored and mechanized UE
Censorship Z

Central America, F 1201 -- 2191
Charter schools LB
Chemical and Biological Weapons UG

Chemistry QD

Child Abuse, social aspects HV

Child Abuse, Psychiatry RC

Child Care, costs HQ

Child Care, options HQ

Child Labor HD
Childhood obesity R
Children in Crises HV
Christian denominations BX
Christianity BR

Cigarette smoking HV
Civil Rights and Liberties, Political aspects JC
Civil Rights and Liberties, Legal aspects JC

Civil engineering (general) TA

Civil War, U.S. E 456-655
Civilization, history CB
Classes of people (Sociology) HT
Climate change QC
Cloning QH

Coal Mining Safety L
Collected works (general) AC
Collecting (general) AM

College and school magazines and papers LH
College Costs LB

College Funding LB

Colonial history, U.S. E 186-199
Colonies and colonization JV
Commerce HF
Communications HE

Communism HX
Communities HT
Computer Crime HV

Computer Literacy AQ
Confederate States of America E 482 489

Conservation, biology QH
Constitution, United States JK
Consumerism HF
Constitutional history and administration, general works JF

Contraception RG

Copywright issues RG
Costumes GT

Creationism BS
Criminology HV
Cyber-predators HV
Cyber-crime HV

Cyber-security HV

Death penalty, Moral Issues BJ

Death Penalty HV
Decoration and ornament NK

Decorative and Applied Arts NK
Democracy JC

Demography HB
Dental Hygiene RK
Dentistry RK

Depression, mental illness RC

Dermatology RL
Design NC
Dictionaries (general) AG
Dieting and health RA

Diplomatics CD

Directories (general) AY
Discovery of America E 101-135
Discrimination, Age HB
Discrimination, EmploymentHD

Discrimination, Housing HD

Discrimination, Race HV

Discrimination, Religious KF

Discrimination, Sex HD

Domestic Partners HQ

Drawing NC

Drug and Alcohol abuse HV

Drug-resistant bacteria QR
Drug Company Ethics HF

Early exploration of America E 101-135

Earth Day HC
Earthquakes QE

Eastern Europe, history DJ

Eating disorders RC
Economic history and conditions HC-HD

Economic theory HB

Ecotourism G
Education (general) L
Education, history LA
Education, special aspects LC
Education, theory and practice LB

Elderly RC
Elderly, social aspects HV
Election Reform JK

Electrical engineering TK

Electronics TK
Emigration JV
Employment discrimination HD
Encyclopedias (general) AE
Endangered Species QL

Energy TJ

Energy Policy HD
Engineering (general) TA

English PE
Environmental studies GE

Environmental technology TD
ESL (English as a Second Language) LB
Ethics BJ
Ethics of War BJ

Etiquette BJ

Europe, political science JN

Euthanasia R
Evolution DC
Executive Power JK

Farm Subsidies HD

Feminism HQ

Finance HG

Finance Reform, campaign JK
Fine arts, general N
First amendment JC
Fisheries SH

Flood control GB
Floods, relief work HV

Folklore GR

Food safety RA

Forestry SD

France, history DC

Free speech JC

Freedom of the press, legal aspects K
Freedom of the press, social aspects HN

Funding College LB

Free speech JC

GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) Rights HQ

Gambling, Games GV

Gambling, Illegal HV
Gay marriage HQ
Gay rights HQ

Gender Equity HD

Gender Identity Disorders RC
Genealogy CE

Genetically Modified Foods TP

Geography, mathematical GA
Geography, physical GB
Geology QE

Germany, history DD
GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) Rights HQ

Glass Ceiling HF

Global Economy HF

Global Jihad DS

Global Warming QC
Government, local JS

Government secrecy JK

Great Britain, history DA

Greco-Roman World, history D

Greece, history DF

Gun control HV
Gynecology RG
Gypsies, history DX

Handicrafts TT
Hate crimes HV
Hazardous wasteTD
Health RA

Health care reform RJ

Health insurance HB
Heraldry CR
Herbicides SB
Highway engineering TE
History (general) D

History of scholarship and learning AZ
Holistic medicine R
Home economics TX
Home Schooling LC
Homeland security UA
Homelessness HV

Homeopathy RX
Human anatomy QM

Human ecology GF
Human genome research QH
Human rights, Political JC

Human rights, Legal K

Hunting SK

Hydraulic engineering TC

Identity theft HV
Illegal immigrantsJV
Illustration NC
Immigration JV
Industry, social aspects HD

Indexes (general) Al

Indians of North America E 51-99

Infantry UD

Infertility RC
Inscriptions CN
Insurance, health HG, RA
Internal medicine RC

Internet TK
International law JX

International relations JX

Iran, History DS
Iraq DS
Iraqi War E 181

Islam (religion) BP
Israel DS
Italy, history DG

Job Descriptions HF

Job Stress, physical aspects RC

Job Stress, social aspects HF
Job Training HD
Journalism PN
Judaism BM
Juvenile Crime, criminology HV

Juvenile Crime, psychiatry RJ

Kids in Prison HV

Languages and literatures, Classical PA
Languages, Germanic PD
Languages, Modern European PB
Languages, Other PF-PM
Languages, Romance PC
Latin America F 1201 ­2191

Latin America, political science JL

Law (general) K 1-7720
Law, America. North America KDZ 0-4999

Law, Canada KE
Law, Europe KJ
Law, Latin America KG

Law, South America KH

Law, United States KF
Learning disabilities
Leisure GV

Lesbian Marriage HQ
Lesbian Rights HQ

Libraries and library science Z 662-1000.5
Linguistics (general) P

Literature PN

Literature, American PS
Literature, English PR
Literature, Germanic PT
Literature, juvenile PZ
Literatures, Romance PQ

Logic BC

Maintanance and transportation UC

Mammals QL
Manners and customs (General) GT

Manufactures TS
Maps G
Marriage HQ

Marriage Customs, Religious B
Marriage Customs, Social aspects GT

Marine engineering VM

Marines VE
Mathematics QA

Mechanical engineering and machinery TJ

Media, Influence P

Media and Sex P
Media and Violence HQ

Media and War P

Media bias P

Media Ownership P

Medicine (general) R
Medicine, practice of RC

Medicine, public aspects RA

Medicine, Thomsonian RV
Mental Health RA
Metallurgy TN
Methamphetamine, Medical aspects RC
Methamphetamine, Social aspects HV

Mexico F 1201 ­2191
Microbiology QR

Middle East DS
Military administration UB

Military engineering UG
Military science (General) U
Military services, other UH
Minimum Wage HD

Mining engineering TN

Mining Safety L

Monaco, history DC
Motor vehicles TL

Movies PN
Multicultural education LC

Museums (general) AM

Music M

Music, Literature ML

Musical instruction and study MT
Mythology BL

NATO, History UA

NATO, Legal aspects JK
NATO, United States UG

Natural history (general) QH

Naval administration VB

Naval architecture VM

Naval science (general) V

Netherlands (Holland), history DJ

Netherlands (Low Countries), history DH
Newspapers AN

North America, history E 31-46
Northern Europe, history DL

Nuclear arms UA

Nuclear engineering TK
Nuclear proliferation JK

Numismatics CJ

Nursing RT

Obesity RC

Obstetrics RG

Occupational training HD

Oceania (South Seas), history DU

Oceania, political science JQ

Oceanography GC

Oil Industry, Economics HD
Oil Industry, Technology TP
Old Age QH
Ophthalmology RE

Oregon, history F875-F876
Oregon, law KFO 2400-2999

Painting ND
Palestine DS

Pathology RB
Patient's Rights RA
Patriotism JK

Patriot Act, USA JK

Pediatrics RJ

Pedophilia RC
Periodicals (general) AP
Pesticides SB

Pharmacology RM

Pharmacy and materia medica RS
Philosophy (general) B

Photography TR

Physician-assisted suicide R
Physics QC

Physiology QP
Plageriasm PN

Plant culture SB
Political Science, collections and general works JA
Political theory JC

Pollution TD

Popular errors and delusions AZ

Portugal, history DP

Pregnancy RG

Presidential power JK

Print media NE
Privacy, Ethical aspects BF
Privacy, Right to JC
Prostitution HQ
Psychology BF
Public finance HJ

Public welfare HV


Races HT
Racial Quotas HD
Racism HT

Railroad engineering and operation TF
Rationalism BL

Recreation GV
Recycling TD

Reference books (general) AG
Religion in the workplace BL

Religions BL

Religious fundamentalism BL

Religious persecution BL

Renewable energy TJ

Revolution to the Civil War, U.S. E 301-453
Revolution, U.S. E 201-298

Revolutions, Eastern Europe DJ
Right to Death RA
Rising Health Care Costs RA

Road engineering TE

Same-sex marriage HQ

Sanitary Engineering TD

Scholarships LB

School Choice LB

School Funding LB
School Violence LB
School Violence, Bullying BF

Schools, Americas, except United States LE

Schools, Asia. Africa. Oceania LG

Schools, Europe LF

Schools, United States LD
Science (General) Q

Sculpture NB
Seals CD
Self-Image BF
Series (general) AC
Sex and the Media P

Sex Crimes, Behavior HQ

Sex Crimes, Criminology HV
Sex Discrimination HD

Sex Education HQ

Sex Roles, History GN

Sex Roles, Sociology HQ

Sexual Abuse HQ

Sexual Abuse and the Clergy BX

Shipbuilding VM
Single-sex education LB

Slavery, U.S. E 441 453

Sleep Disorders RC

Small Business HD

Smoking, Health aspects RC

Smoking, Social aspects HV

Social history/problems/reform HN

Social pathology HV

Social sciences (general) H

Social usages BJ

Socialism HX
Societies, secret, benevolent, etc. HS
Sociology (general and theoretical) HM

South America F 2201-3799

Soviet Union, history DK

Spanish-American War, U.S. E 714-735

Special Education LC

Statistics HA

Stem cell research QH

Student fraternities and societies, U.S. LJ

Suicide RC

Superstitutions AZ

Surgery RD
Switzerland, history DQ

Technical chronology CE

Technology, general T

Teen drug abuse HV
Teen Pregnancy RG

Teens and Tobacco HV
The family HQ

The Mediterranean, history D
Theosophy, etc. BP

Therapeutics RM

Transportation HE
Tobacco, Agriculture SB

Tobacco, Social aspects HV
Torture HV

Tourism B

Tsunamis GC

Unemployment HD
UN (United Nations), History JX

United States, general E 151
United States JK

United States, local history F 1-975 US Foreign Policy E

United States Foreign Policy, Treaties JK

USA Patriot Act KF

Vaccine controversies RA

Veterinary medicine SF

Victim's Rights KF
Vietnam, history DS
Violence HM

Violence against Women HV
Violence and the Media PN

Visual Arts (general) N

War Crimes, European D
War Crimes, Legal Aspects K

War Crimes, World JC

War of 1812, U.S. E 351-364.9
War with Mexico, U.S. E 401 415.2

War on Terrorism HV
Washington, State F
Water shortages TD

Weapons of Mass Destruction UG

Web site design TK
Welfare Reform HV
West Indies F 1201 ­2191

Whistleblowers HD

Wildlife QL
Woman HQ

Women's Health RA
Women's Studies HQ
Working Poor HV

World Trade Organization HF

World Wide Web TK

Writing Z 40-115.5


Yearbooks (general) AY

Zero tolerance KF
Zoology QL