ARTstor Help

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Learn how to set up an ARTstor account and access it from off campus.

1. Clark status verification (required for ARTstor registration)

Register for ARTstor through the Clark College Libraries website in order to verify your Clark status.

Click on this link: ARTstor link or on ARTstor under Images/Media on the library website.

•  Are you using Clark computer or Clark wireless right now?  After selecting the link above go directly to step 2 (ARTstor Registration).

•  Are you OFF CAMPUS right now?  After selecting the link above you will see Clark login verification screen. 

Students:  Log in with your Clark username and password (the same one you use to log in to college computers and wireless).
Faculty/Staff:  Log in using your Clark email username and password.  
Click Login.

2. ARTstor Registration

Click: How Do I register an account with ARTstor? for step-by-step instructions.

3. ARTstor Account Renewal

Your account for off-campus access to ARTstor will work for 120 days. When you receive a message that your Remote Access Grace Period has expired, you have two  options to renew your access:

  1. verify again your Clark status by following directions for off-campus verification login listed above (#1)
  2. log into your ARTstor account from any computer on campus – this will
    automatically renew your account.

For more information, see:

4. Requesting Instructor Privileges (For Instructors ONLY)

  1. Contact to obtain Clark instructor authorization code and password.
  2. Log into your existing ARTstor account.
  3. Select “Edit my profile” from top right Welcome box.
  4. Select “Instructor Privileges” tab.
  5. Enter authorization code and password.
  6. Select Save.

For more help, see: ARTstor Digital Library Support (includes information for Instructor-level Functions)

You may also contact a librarian.

Try It yourself

Follow the instructors on this page to set up and access your ARTstor account.

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