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Present your current library card to borrow books and other items. A scannable Clark ID card is acceptable for current students, faculty, and staff. Cards may not be shared.

To get a library card, bring the requirements as noted below to the Check Out Desk:

Connect to Equipment and Course Materials


The Clark College Libraries have a variety of equipment and course reserves available to check out. Some of our most popular items are graphing calculators that check out for the entire quarter, 21-day netbooks with Window 10 and Office, and the 3-hour Elementary and Intermediate Algebra course textbooks for MATH 089-091-093-095.

Learn about all our check out equipment or Ask a librarian for assistance finding your course textbook.

Ask A Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Chat with a librarian 24/7 using a nation-wide network.


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The Clark College Libraries follow all the policies of Clark College. These additional policies provide guidance over the unique situations in our academic library environment.

Please scroll down to review all of our policies, or, click one of the links to be taken directly to the relevant policy.


Clark College Libraries
1933 Fort Vancouver Way
Vancouver, WA 98663-3598

Cannell Library Hours
M-Th 7a-8:30p, Fr 7a-5p, Sat-Sun 1-5p
(360) 992-2151
Mail Stop: LIB 112 

CTC iCommons Library Hours
M-Th 7a-6p, Fr-Sun Closed
(360) 992-6138
Mail Stop: CTC 245

Holidays and quarter break closures