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Mackey, Kitty
Job Title
Reference & Instruction Librarian
(360) 992-2558
Main campus
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. ~ Henry David Thoreau


Curriculum Vitae


Current Position

Sept. 2000 - Present

Reference & Instruction Librarian
Clark College Libraries
Clark College

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Provide reference service to Clark College students, faculty and staff, including one-to-one instruction at the reference desk and virtual instruction via QuestionPoint.
  • Provide classroom instruction for subject classes, covering a variety of disciplines, including English, Biology, Chemistry, Women’s Studies, Communication, Computer Science, Human Development, Political Science, Reading, and Nursing.
  • Participate actively in online instruction, providing instruction and support for eLearning students, including designing online learning tools and participating in discussion boards. 
  • Collaborate with discipline faculty to design library instruction sessions that meet the needs of specific assignments as well as outcomes for information literacy. 
  • Participate in campus course-level and program level programs.
  • Participate in QuestionPoint virtual reference service.
  • Create and update instruction content, both text and video, for library website on a continual basis. 
  • Perform collection development responsibilities. 
  • Serve as Team Leader for Website UX Team, overseeing the library’s collectively designed and maintained web site.
  • Produce handouts and instruction guides for both in-house and online use.
  • Participate in library and unit department meetings.
  • Represent the library in various campus committees, including Assessment Committee and Curriculum Committee. 
  • Participate in state-wide Information Literacy Initiatives.
  • Serve on campus screening committees.
  • Serve on tenure committees. 

Formal For-Credit Instruction Highlights

  • LIBR/CTEC 280 Google: Beyond Search. 1-credit fully online class. Course developer and instructor, Winter Quarter 2012.
  • CTEC/LIBR 115: Internet Research & Living Online. Course Co- Developer and Instructor, several sections.
  • LIBR 105, Library Research, 1-credit. Created and instructed this course, offering various options, including a 5-week late-start section and a 2-weekend boot camp section. Created the template for the eLearning section. 
  • LIBR/CTEC 105, 2-credits. Collaborated with CTEC faculty to blend CTEC 105 and LIBR 105 into this 2-credit co-listed course. Taught several sections of this class, including the pilot cohorts for both Weekend Degree and IBEST. Created the eLearning template that was used by other instructors.
  • CSA 185 (later CTEC 185) Introduction to the Internet, 1-credit. Adjunct instructor for various sections, 2000 – 2009.

Technology Skills

Proficient = Use major features on a daily or weekly basis
Experienced = Use basic features on a daily or weekly basis
Familiar = Have tinkered with it, use it occasionally.

Application/Skill  Proficient   Experienced   Familiar
Mac Platform (up through Lion) X    
Windows (up to but not including 8) X    
iPad OS platform  X    
MS Word, PowerPoint, Mac and Windows X    
up through MX4 - Mac and Windows
CS3 - Mac and WIndows
CS6 -Emerging Learner (Mac)
Drupal 6, as an end-user (not programmer) X    
Drupal 7, as a site developer   X  
Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Mac X    
Adobe Fireworks, CS5 (Mac)
CS3 (Windows)
Camtasia 2 (Mac), 8 (Windows) X    
Blackboard CMS, as an instructor X    
Moodle CMS, as an instructor X    
Canvas CMS     X
Snag-It (Mac and Windows) X    
 HTML5, CSS2   X  
 iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, Keynote X    
 Creating Kindle ebooks - epub ro mobi   X  


Celebrating a Career of Projects, Publications, Presentations, 1987-present

  • 2015 June. Implemented Canvas-based IRIS Plagiarism tutorial & quiz for Student Services.
  • 2015 May 20. 30 Clicks: Taming Your Wild Inbox: Inbox Zero
  • 2015 June 10 CGT 105 User Experience Design, CGT105 User Experience Design 2015
  • 2013-2014. Received Perkins and Clark II Funds to continue work for updating IRIS, including exploring Adobe Captivate 7.
  • Fall 2012 Faculty Focus, Presenter, BoB: Burst of Brilliance.
  • 2012-2013. Created DOT for Drupal, a self-paced training program for library and unit to learn how to contribute to the website using Drupal, and for which participants earn badges at each level of accomplishment.
  • 2012-2013. Received Perkins and Clark II grants to plan for updating the IRIS tutorials, including exploring the use of badging as rewards.
  • 2012-2013. Created layout and content for SharePoint site for the library UX Team; provided orientation and training for library staff to interact with the site. 
  • 2012-2013. Initiated the idea to adapt the library website’s “How-To” instruction pages, to both Quality Matters standards and Information Literacy outcomes.
  • 2012. Initiated Virtual Instruction at CTC; ran pilot with three courses and collected data. Virtual Instruction has since become a viable venue for providing instruction. 
  • 2010 (July). Earned Quality Matters course evaluator certification.
  • 2010. Wrote  “Paraprofessional Training Plan,” based on collaboration with colleagues and extensive research. 
  • 2010 (Oct.) Co-Presenter, with Sue Kusch, "Top Ten Tech Tools for College Success," NW eLearning Conference, Vancouver, WA.
  • 2010-present. Team member on library’s new Drupal website. Provide leadership for continued training and oversight. 
  • 2009-2011. Collaborated with library staff to determine content, architecture, and style for the library new website, built in Drupal by the Library IT Specialist. Participated in creating, moving and editing content. 
  • 2009-2010. Implemented and provided Reference and Instruction service at CTC, adapting tradition services and instruction tools and utilizing various techniques to communicate with CTC faculty and students. 
  • 2009-2010. Initiated use of SharePoint for CTC. Collaborated with CTC student services colleague Debra Hentz to create structure, content and style guides for the CTC Team SharePoint site using wiki, blog, calendar, documents, discussion boards and image bank.
  • 2009 Sept. 14. "Changes to Library Instruction: Library Instruction Toolkit for Clark College English 102 Instructors." Presentation for Fall Early Events. 
  • 2009. QuestionPoint. Attended training, set up profile, arranged training for Clark Librarians and staffed QP during the first two years.
  • 2009 (Feb. 13). Online Northwest, Corvallis, OR. Co-presenter (with Robert Hughes), "Internet Research and Living Online: A Tale of Collaborative-based Foundational Internet Instruction for a College Community." 
  • 2008. IRIS tutorials were accepted in PRIMO, ACRL’s peer-reviewed database of information literacy tutorials. 
  • 2008 (March 8). IRIS presentation for CLAMS annual conference, Spokane.
  • 2008 (Jan 31). Presentation, “Solar Living,” for the Global Climate Teach-In at Clark College. 
  • 2008 (Feb 22) Co-presenter, with Robert Hughes, “Extreme Makeover – Website Edition, with a Collaborative Twist!” for Online Northwest. 
  • 2008-2010: Co-webmaster for library website (Dreamweaver)  sharing responsibilties with Library IT Specialist. 
  • 2007-2008. Created IRIS 4-2, a suite of Information Literacy tutorials, funded by a grant from the Washington Distance Learning Council, based on ACRL Information literacy outcomes adapted for community colleges, guided by student input, and in collaboration with the Library IT Technology Specialist.
  • 2007-2008. Webmaster for CLAMS.
  • 2007 (May 17 and 18). Collaborated with Roxanne Dimyan to plan and co-hosted the CLAMS annual conference.
  • 2007 (May 11). Co-presenter, with Pavel Popov and Zachary Grant, “Blogs and Wikis: More than Cool Toys – Essential Tools for Libraries,” for PORTALS Continuing Education. 
  • 2007 (May 3), Pacific Northwest Higher Education Teaching & Learning Conference. "Letting Students Make a Difference: When the Library and Graphics Design Students Collaborate on Usability Testing, Everyone's a Winner." Co-presenter, with Robert Hughes.
  • 2006 (Feb. 10) Online Northwest.
  • 2006 (May 17). Clark College Assessment Committee Soup & Seminar: It's a Wiki World! Presenter.
  • 2005 (Oct. 4). Clark College Assessment Committee Soup & Seminar: Plagiarism. Co-Presenter; extended to three additional sessions.
  • 2005 (Feb. 4) Clark College Assessment Committee Soup & Seminar: Hey! Get Your Own Blog!" Presenter.
  • 2005. Attended WA ACRL Immersion, where Roxanne Dimyan and I drafted the Reference and Instruction department’s first comprehensive plan. 
  • 2005 (Winter-Spring). Clark College IT Task Force.
  • 2005 (March 18). Flipped the switch on the Library's new Dreamweaver website for which I was project manager and webmaster.
  • 2004 (May 6). WA State Assessment Conference. Presenter.
  • 2003 (Feb. 21) Clark College Assessment Committee, Soup & Seminar. "Tools for Teaching: hands on TILT: The Information Literacy Tutorial." Co-Presenter.
  • 2003 (Feb 28). Co-presented (with Roxanne Dimyan and WSU-V librarians) “Why is the Sky blue? Implementing a Collaborative Virtual reference Desk Project.”  
  • 2003 (April 8). Presenter, "Put It In Writing @ Your Library," a writing workshop sponsored by Women's Day magazine and the ALA, hosted by Ft. Vancouver Community Library.
  • 2003 (May 1). Spokane, Outcomes Assessment Conference, Spokane. "TILTing at Clark College: How We Adapted (and Are Assessing!) the Texas Informaiton Literacy Tutorials." Co-presenter with Roxanne Dimyan. 
  • 2002-2003. Adapted TILT tutorials to the specific needs of community college students. 
  • 2002-2003. Participated in Virtual Reference Project (LSTA grant-funded project) with WSU-V librarians. Collaborated with faculty, created assignments, assessed student use.
  • 2002 (April 17). Attented, "Beginning at the End: Outcomes Assessment as a Tool for Change," presentd by Deb Gilchrist at the OLA/WLA Joint Conference. 
  • 2002 (April 16). Presenter, "Put It In Writing @ Your Library," a writing workshop sponsored by Women's Day magazine and the ALA, hosted by Ft. Vancouver Community Library.
  • 2002 (Feb. 12). Presenter, “Train the Trainer” Information Literacy workshop, Yakima. 
  • 2001 (Sept. 27). Co-presenter, “Train the Trainer: Information Literacy workshop, Wenatchee. 
  • 2001 (Aug. 14) Co-presenter for “Train the Trainer” Information Literacy workshop, Ft. Vancouver Public Library. 
  • 2001 (July 30). Attended “Train the Trainer” workshop for the Washington State Information Literacy Initiative. Gates Foundation Training Center, Seattle.
  • 2001-2007. Web master for library website, managing two redesigns and daily maintenance using Dreamweaver.
  • 2000-2006. Creator, desiner and editor for the library’s quarterly newsletter, Cannell Chimes.
  • 2000-2013. Collaborated with CTEC/CGT colleague and students to perform usability testing on library website and tutorials (except 2007 and 2010)
  • 1998. Author, How to Make Perfect Dollhouse Figures. Waukesha WI: Kalmbach Publishing Co.
  • 1994-1999. Author, numerous articles for Dollhouse Minitaatures (formerlyNutshell News) magazine. 
  • 1993 (July) Co-organized and presented, with Terry Mackey, the library portion of the First year Experience seminar, Weber State University. 
  • 1992. Mackey, Kitty, and Terry Mackey, "Think Quality! The Deming Approach Does Work in Libraries." Library Journal. 117: 57-59 (May 15, 1992)
  • 1992 (Feb.). Attended 5th Annual Earlham College - Eckerg College Bibliographic Instuction Retreat, hosted by Evan Farber and Larry Hardesty. 
  • 1991 (March 28). Coordinator and host, Spartanburg County Reference Librarian Retreat. 
  • 1990 (Feb.). Attended 4th Annual Earlham College - Eckerg College Bibliographic Instuction Retreat, hosted by Evan Farber and Larry Hardesty. 
  • 1990. Mackey, Kitty "Everyday Chores Plus a Few Things More." Macintoshed Libraries 3.0. Edited by Bill Vaccaro and Edward J. Valauskas. Cupertino, CA: Apple Library Users Group. 
  • 1989. Mackey, Kitty. "Overdue Writer." Apple Liibrary Users Group Newsletter. 7:89 (April 1989). 
  • 1989. Mackey, Kitty. "Automating Overdues in a Non-Automated Library."College & Research Libraries News. 50:23-23 (January 1989). 


 Previous Positions


Jan 2000-June 2000 Reference Librarian 
Mt. Hood Community College
26000 S.E. Stark St.
Gresham OR 97030
Part-time, temporary position. Provided reference service to students.


Sept. 1999-Mar. 2000 Information Services Librarian 
Oregon Institute of Technology,
Portland Operations
7726 S.E. Harmony Road.
Portland OR 97222
Designed plan for launching a new electronic library at OIT/Metro campus; communicated plan in writing to OIT director and faculty. Provided reference service to students at OIT-Portland and Clackamas Community College students who attended the Harmony/Metro campus.
June 1996-Sept. 1998 Associate Editor Performed duties of associate editor: wrote and edited articles, interviewed artists, planned layouts and photoshoots. Served as the magazine’s webmaster.


Sept. 1994- June 1996 Adjunct Instructor
Stewart Library     
Weber State University
2901 University Circle
Ogden UT 84408-2901
Instructed PD101, Library Skills, Resources, and Research, a 3-credit course emphasizing the research process and techniques for locating and evaluating information in a variety of sources and formats.


July 1987-Aug 1992 7/87-6/89
Circulation Supervisor
Head of Public Services/Reference Librarian
Mickel Library
Converse College
580 E. Main St.; Spartanburg, SC 29302-0006
Performed all the duties and responsibilities of circulation supervisor (first) and reference librarian (second position) in a small, private women's college. Introduced the first bibliographic instruction program (as it was called in those days) as well as the first online database services (DIALOG). In both positions also trained and supervised 5-25 student assistants.


July 1985-Aug 1986 Graduate Assistant
Halls of Residence Librarian
Indiana University; Bloomington IN 47401
This highly-competitive position provided me the opportunity to manage a dorm library on the Indiana University campus, including supervising student assistants, ordering materials, programming, and managing a budget.


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