Upgrades and Renovations to Our Library Spaces

outside windows and white brick of the curved wall of Cannell Library on a sunny day


Creating a new vision for the Clark College Libraries has been a process involving extensive planning and research. Over the past few years we have made significant progress to improve the library and our study spaces. New group tables, more comfortable chairs, soft couches, new carpet and a set of stairs have been added to the Commons area. Half of the computers from the second floor computer lab were relocated next to the windows. A Makerspace Pilot Program was started to provide students access to markers, color pencils, glue, scissors, rulers, compasses, protractors, construction paper, hole punch, and recycled display boards. Electrical outlets have been installed around the Commons area to make it easier to plug in. This quarter we will be relocating the TechHub and Reference desks to increase visibility and access. Stop in to check out our new layout.