IRIS Tools for English 102 Instructors

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IRIS is a set of 29 short online research tutorials developed by Clark Librarians to help meet the research instruction needs of English 102 students. The IRIS modules are being adapted and modified by libraries all over the country.

Insturctors can can use individual modules in class at the point-of-need, or assigned specific modules to students. IRIS has two onnline quizzes (one comprehensive, one on plagiarism) that allow students to submit scores to  instructors. Please contact a reference librarian to have your name added to the instructor list for the quizzes.

Advantages of using the IRIS modules

  • more uniform instruction across all English 102 classes
  • equal instruction opportunities for online and onsite students
  • allows students to learn at their own pace on their own time
  • opportunity for instructors to more closely tie information literacy lessons with the flow of their own lessons
  • opportunity for instructors to use individual modules in the classroom during point-of-need teaching moments

Class visits

Librarians invite instructors to arrange class visits during week 4 or 5, after students have had a chance to explore the IRIS modules and apply what they've learned to their own research.  Online instructors can arrange for a librarian to “visit” the online class via a forum or similar virtual meeting. Advantages of this late meeting include:

  • students bring  a common, known, body of background knowledge
  • students have had a chance to interact with their topic and research tools
  • students can bring specific, focused questions
  • students can receive individualized instruction

Contacting a librarian to eplore ways to incorporate IRIS into your class, or to set up a library instruction session.

Tools to use with IRIS

Feel free to modify and use any of the following ideas and worksheets: