Tutoring Services Information

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For hours and locations, see Tutoring Services.

What tutors do:

  • Provide free one-on-one and drop-in tutoring with encouraging, skilled, and trained staff in most subjects.
  • Help students with all types of writing: from essay assignments to sentences, resumes, and personal writing.
  • Help students at all stages of the writing process: when you have nothing written on the page, when you are in the process of writing a draft, or when you have completed a draft.
  • Help you determine what your tendencies are concerning grammar errors so that you can effectively and efficiently improve your grammar skills and gain insight into your writing process.
  • Provide computers, software, resources and books for students being tutored.
  • Assist with most English, Math, Science and General Education classes offered at Clark College.
  • Help you to develop skills and confidence to become a stronger, more independent learner.

What tutors don’t do:

  • Edit, correct or fix your homework or assignment.
  • Allow you to drop off your assignment to be corrected.
  • Provide feedback as to what grade we feel your assignment deserves, or critique or decipher instructor grading and/or feedback.
  • Complete or correct homework problems or assist with take home exams or exam corrections.

Helpful hints

  • Don’t get behind in a course or wait until the hour before a test to seek tutorial assistance. Come early in the quarter and return as often as necessary. Be aware that tutors are not available during every hour and schedules change, appointments are advised.
  • Tutors will not do the work. Attend lectures, complete assigned readings, and attempt any assignments before coming to the Tutoring Center.
  • Come prepared to work. Bring your textbook, a typed copy of your draft, reference materials, class notes, any related handouts and syllabus.  Please attempt your homework or assignment and have specific questions to ask the tutor.
  • Remember: the tutors are not instructors. They will do what they can to help you understand the concepts covered in your course, but there will be times when they will need to refer you to your instructor.

Other resources:

  • Instructors – Ask questions in class and meet with your instructors during office hours.
  • Study Skills and Help – Look into courses, handouts, and other assistance offered at Clark. (Student Help Sessions, Peer Mentors, College Success, Effective Study Skills, Note-Taking, etc.)
  • Library – Make use of reference materials, research assistance, and reserve materials. Get help from Ask a Librarian.
  • Help Centers – Language Labs, Math Help Centers and STEM Tutoring information available at
  • Online Tutoring – log in to eTutoring.org for free online assistance 24/7