Course Reserves - Instructors

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The course reserves collection consists of items considered essential or required reading for a course, items that are used by various departmental programs, and items in high demand by several patrons. Instructors may submit their personal or department-owned items, or request items from the library's collection to be placed in the collection. 

  1. Submit a course reserves request form. You may submit the online form or the refillable form (save on  your computer for multiple quarters/years - be sure to download it first or else the browser/viewer will disable typing). A paper version is also available from the Check Out Desks at both libraries.
  2. Send the items via campus mail to Cannell Library, LIB 112, or the Information Commons, CTC 245, or bring them to the Check Out Desk at either location.

Instructors should supply a binder/folder for loose items and appropriate cases for media.

Items available electronically will not be placed in the print course reserve collection.

Course reserve items will be returned after the class final. Items will only remain in the course reserves collection if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • The instructor has requested items remain on course reserve, AND
  • The instructor(s) listed on the request form is teaching the course, AND
  • The library has a valid course reserves request form on file.

The course reserves request form copyright agreement must be signed every academic year. The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of copies of copyrighted items. Liability for copies placed on course reserve rest with the faculty member. The library does not make backup copies of media course reserves.  Please see Copyright Policy or contact a librarian for more information.

The library is not responsible for course reserve items that are damaged or lost, but can place blocks on student records at instructor request to assist with replacement.

See the complete Course Reserves Policy.